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On the basis of long-term cooperation with suppliers of suspension systems, we are able to ensure delivery of any type of suspension system tailor-made, which is on the Czech market, including its final assembly in your interior. Of course we can help you with oilers on any type of window.

  • rails for any type of window
  • aluminum rails in white ot aluminium color  and in various bendable dimensions
  • rod consoles - wooden and metal
  • blinds and shutters
  • Japanese sliding wall
  • Roman blinds

Rails and pelmets

We offer rails to any type of window. These aluminum rails are available as standard in white and aluminum  color  and in various sizes with bends up to 90 degrees. Curtains and fabrics are hung on these rails by means of hooks. Curtains and drapes are therefore very easy to hang up and take off and wash with these hooks.
We also offer rod consoles - cornices and metal and wooden in different wood profiles and in different colors.

Blinds and roller  blinds

We offer fabric blinds mounted directly on the windows. Aluminum blinds are available in various colors and designs, such as wood imitation and all possible color options from white, pink, green and blue to black, and more recently popular wood bamboo blinds.

Japanese sliding wall

The trend of recent years is the Japanese sliding walls.
It is a very modern and mainly practical window shading. The use of the Japanese wall is particularly suited to the French window, but is often used to divide the room, for example, in smaller apartments to separate the sleeping area from the living room or to close the open built-in wardrobe.

We make Japanese walls from various materials, both curtains and decorative fabrics.

Roman blinds

Another modern trend is Roman blinds. They find their use in living and children's rooms, bedrooms, and also in kitchens, bathrooms or technical rooms because they are very practical. We produce mechanically controlled blinds in our workshop up to 3 meters wide. They are controlled either by a string or a chain.

The Roman blind can also be used for atypical windows - curved and oblique. These blinds are made of various materials, like decorative fabrics or curtain fabric. You can easily combine the Japanese sliding wall with the Roman blinds. It is a technical solution of decorations in modern interiors.

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