Upholstery, others - Juuu

Along with the supply of textile decoration, we will also renovate the shades of your lighting. We will preserve the original look of the lampshade, which will be underlined by a suitable choice of material and will be matched with other textile decorations in the interior. Tune your interior completely with the upholstery of your sofa, chair or any solitaire.

In addition to the implementation and delivery of customized standard decorations, we are able to provide special solutions for everyone.

Hospitals - Based on very good cooperation with the German textile manufacturer Drapilux,  we also supply special certified fabrics usable for screens in hospital and hospital facilities.

Theaters - we can make tailor-made curtains or, in cooperation with upholsterers, provide upholstery for any chair, chair, sofa, etc.

Embassies - we choose ambassador's headquarters or we can arrange textile outfitting of your office.

Businesses - Customized Gifts for Clients. You no longer know what your good customers will be, you already have enough bags, openers and cups, we all like to be lazy sometimes and rest our heads on a comfortable pillow or a  cushion and it is possible to embroider your company logo or process a textile label into the seam of the cushion, which will be almost unnoticeable and decent.

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