Curtains, drapes - Juuu

Are you tired of reconstructing or building your home?

Are you constantly looking for something, driving to places or looking for a suitable solution?

We are here just for you! Since 2002, we have successfully implemented countless orders. Our offer includes curtains and drapes from leading foreign and domestic producers in various heights, designs, colors and finishes.    

  • voal curtains
  • organza
  • non-flammable curtains made of non-flammable TREVIRY CS
  • black out and dim-out curtains lightproof curtains
  • curtains, drapes and other textile materials in classic, modern, rural, children's and simple style.

For our clients, we now also offer a completely exclusive service – pre-shrinkage of materials before sewing. This will prevent subsequent shrinkage of the final decoration during your first home wash! 99% of the materials have a precipitation of 1-3% by default, which means, for example, 10cm in height for window decorations. So if the material allows washing, we will supply you with decoration already from the precipitated material and you will not be faced with an unpleasant devaluation of the decoration at its first wash.

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